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Shadow Gallery - Carved In Stone - Red/black Splatter Vinyl

Shadow Gallery - Carved In Stone - Red/black Splatter Vinyl

Color : Red/black Splatter

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Release Date: 5/3/2024

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The haunting and powerful sophomore album from titans of American progressive metal, Shadow Gallery!

Originally released in 1995, the album solidified the band's popularity both in the US as well as in Europe and Japan, making them one of the most preeminent prog metal bands on the planet! Features the multi-part symphonic epic "Ghost Ship" as well as the band's signature song "Crystalline Dream" and lots more!


LP1 Side A

1 Cliff Hanger
2 Segue 1
3 Crystalline Dream
4 Segue 2

LP1 Side B

5 Don't Ever Cry, Just Remember
6 Segue 3
7 Warcry
8 Celtic Princess
9 Deeper Than Life

LP2 Side A

10 Segue 4
11 Alaska
12 Segue 5
13 Ghostship I) the Gathering the Night Before
14 Ghostship II) Voyage
15 Ghostship III) Dead Calm
16 Ghostship IV) Approaching Storm
17 Ghostship V) Storm

LP2 Side B

18 Ghostship VI) Enchantment
19 Ghostship VII) Legend
20 Ghostship VIII) Ending

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