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Allie X - Girl With No Face - Red Vinyl

Allie X - Girl With No Face - Red Vinyl

Color : Red

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Allie X - Girl With No Face

Allie X is still trying to figure out how to describe her upcoming album, "Girl With No Face".

With past records like Cape God and Super Sunset, she always "tried to tie a bow around" her music with a clear concept and message. For this new one, which she,s announcing via Rolling Stone, nothing quite fits: "It,s a little more mysterious," she says.

Out on Feb. 23, 2024, Girl With No Face is the Canadian avant-pop singer,s first album in more than four years. She describes it as "aggressive, indulgent and bold." She made nearly every song - from the lyrics to the production - all by herself.

"It almost made me dizzy because I went so deep into it," she says. "I said, ,I,m not going to be trying to please anyone else, because theres literally no one else in this room., I may have created something that,s completely off-trend here, but it,s definitely something that I enjoy."


Weird World
Girl With No Face
Off With Her Tits
John and Jonathan
Hardware Software
Black Eye
You Slept On Me
Saddest Smile
Staying Power
Truly Dreams
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