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The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas

The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas

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The Further Adventures of Lord Quas is the second studio album by Quasimoto, a hip hop duo composed of Madlib and his animated alter ego, Lord Quas. It was released via Stones Throw Records on May 3, 2005.


A1 Bullyshit 3:07

A2 Greenery 3:14

A3 Crime 1:20

A4 Hydrant Game 3:25

A5 Don't Blink 2:06

A6 Players Of The Game 2:35

B1 Bus Ride 2:58

B2 Closer 3:02

B3 Maingirl 4:01

B4 Civilization Day

B5 Bartender Say 2:46

B6 1994 2:22

B7 Another Demo Tape

C1 Raw Deal 2:17

C2 Mr. Two-Faced 1:34

C3 The Exclusive 2:36

C4 Fatbacks 3:51

C5 J.A.N. (Jive Ass Niggaz) 1:54

C6 Shroom Music (Champion Bound) 2:35

C7 Rappcats Pt. 3

D1 Strange Piano 2:28

D2 Life Is... 2:19

D3 The Clown (Episode C) 2:59

D4 Raw Addict (Pt. 2) 2:34

D5 Tomorrow Never Knows 2:39

D6 Privacy 1:36

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