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Ministry - Hopiumforthemasses - Green & Yellow Splatter

Ministry - Hopiumforthemasses - Green & Yellow Splatter

Color : Green & Yellow Splatter

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Regimes rise and fall. Stars shine and fade. Trends come and go. Ministry lives on. The six-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum juggernaut founded and fronted by Al Jourgensen has seeped through the darkest corners of popular culture and infected the mainstream for over four decades, gleefully spewing sonic bile between the cracks of the system,s facade. Born in the eighties, they survived the nineties, weathered the turn-of-the-century, and even held on through a Goddamn pandemic. However, Ministry shows no signs of stopping or slowing down-even for a breath. Instead, the band cranks out another blast of anthemic industrial metal on it,s 2024 opus and sixteenth full-length LP, HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES. Green & Yellow Splatter LP


1 B.D.E
2 Goddamn White Trash
3 Just Stop Oil
4 Aryan Embarrassment
5 TV Song 1/6 Edition
6 New Religion
7 It,s Not Pretty
8 Cult of Suffering
9 Ricky,s Hand

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