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Jazztronik - EVOKE / Beat Hopper (The 3rd Session)

Jazztronik - EVOKE / Beat Hopper (The 3rd Session)

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Release Date: 3/1/2024

 Ryota Nozaki, also known as Jazztronik, has decided to make a long-awaited 7, record from his distribution single Excursions series, in which he releases a wide variety of music individually, without being bound by a sense of unity or concept.

Side A is the first song ,EVOKE, that decorates the opening of the Excursions series. A mid-tempo instrumental song that opens with the nostalgic sound of a tape deck button. The song is composed of a minimal composition centered on the keyboard and rhythm section, with a somewhat nostalgic melody, a muffled piano sound, and a rhythm with an impressive solid and rough feel that continues the nostalgic mood at the beginning. You can enjoy the lingering feeling as if you were looking back on your travel memories in a snapshot. Side B is the third installment of the Excursions series, ,Beat Hopper (The 3rd Session). , A funky dance track that is completely different from Side A, with inspiration from techno and house everywhere. This work, which was created in a virtual session that was made possible by overcoming the various restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, changes the flavor from the previous mid-tempo songs and adds a new dimension to the Excursions series with an uplifting arrangement. . LISTEN: EVOKE https://open. Spotify. com/track/0TwK1i7La2lfEOUCcH1g9t Beat Hopper https://open. Spotify. com/track/1x6POqThB0hnrwry79YTPD Tracklist: Side A 01. EVOKE Side B 01. Beat Hopper (The 3rd Session)

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