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Get 'Em - Get 'em

Get 'Em - Get 'em

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Get 'Em started as a collaboration between producers, Computer Jay and Dream Dave. It turned out to be Computer Jay's first attempt on the mic, evolving into Taylor The Terror, accompanied by long-time Cohort Imani the Ghetto Oracle (from The Pharcyde). The project unknowingly snowballed into an LA RIOT of features ranging from established wordsmiths to producers and DJs picking up the mic to bring an unknown underbelly of vocals to the canvas. Get 'Em is undoubtedly cut from the golden era of Hip Hop, but with exponential growth of Technique in the production, cuts, and lyric schemes. This 16-song album has the cinematic action of Fight Club mixed with Blaxploitation films. The Get 'Em Got it, and it and the Gettin weigh a ton of pounds. The Get 'Em Gettin, and is of the Weird Science Sound.

1 Doin the Dozens
2 Bumpin
3 G Is for Get 'Em
4 Only Fans
5 Tag Banger
6 Ricky Felix Wild Science Radio
7 Tell 'Em So
8 Mic Lines
9 Plow
10 Got's Ta Cut Ya
11 Beedee Smoke
12 Maintain
13 Whippit Rock
14 How Deep
15 Logical Apathy
16 Industry Outing

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