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Arizona - A R I Z O N A

Arizona - A R I Z O N A

Color : Black

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Vinyl LP pressing. Regarding the album, Zachary Charles explains, "The album is a collection of experiences and memories over the last couple of years. Some are in the present, and others are vignettes of moments before quarantine. It's a snapshot of what the human mind goes through to keep itself sane. Some records are more upbeat and dance-y, which was our way of having fun in a rough season. Others look back at what life was like, how we didn't see what was coming, and thinking about where we are now." On "Graveyard" Zachary adds, "People can't afford to buy houses, and they compare themselves to earlier generations. We have all of these worries, traumas, and concerns. The truth is, 'we're going to end up in a graveyard anyway.' Remember the last stages are already written, so the time in between is your opportunity to do what you want."

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