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Akina Nakamori - Akina Nakamori: Utahime Double Decade

Akina Nakamori - Akina Nakamori: Utahime Double Decade

Color : Black

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In 2017, to commemorate Akina Nakamori's 35th anniversary since her debut, she made her first LP version of 'Akina Nakamori-Diva Double Decade-' [UHQCD], which was released by Universal Music.

This work is a self-cover album released to commemorate her 20th anniversary since her debut. (Released on 2002. 12. 04) Many famous/representative songs can be heard in a fresh way with big band style arrangements. LISTEN: https://open. Spotify. com/album/1sipXYXDlNyUzdcwW82btb Track list: SIDE A 1. Double Decade Delivery #1 2. TATTOO 3. Meu amor e... 4. TANGO NOIR SIDE B 1. North Wing 2. SAND BEIGE-Desert- 3. DESIRE- Passion- SIDE C 1. Second Love 2. Flower in Water 3. Girl A 4. Station SIDE D 1. Tears are not decorations 2. Double Decade Delivery #2 3. Slow motion

Akina Nakamori

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