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Alec Benjamin - (Un)Commentary

Alec Benjamin - (Un)Commentary

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The album features 13 tracks including the previously released ,The Way You Felt,, ,Older,, and ,Shadow of Mine,. ,(Un)commentary, came to life through a relentless questioning of the world around him: the pressures and disappointments of adulthood, the indignities of social-media addiction, existential anxiety and angst, and countless other manifestations of what he refers to as ,raw human nature,.


1 Dopamine Addict
2 Hammers
3 The Way You Felt
4 Shadow of Mine
5 Speakers
6 Hill I Will Die on
7 Hipocrite
8 Nancy's Got a Haircut
9 Nuance
10 Devil Doesn't Bargain
11 Deniro
12 Older
13 One Wrong Turn

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