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Yoshihiro Hanno - Angelus

Yoshihiro Hanno - Angelus

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Release Date: 4/26/2024

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This is the third volume in a series of analog recordings of hidden masterpieces by Toshiba EMI. This year's release features titles released in the 2000s and beyond!

An album by Yoshihiro Hanno, a healing electronica musician active mainly in Europe. Hanaregumi (SUPER BUTTER DOG), Yoshie Nakano (EGO-WRAPPIN'), Haruomi Hosono, Miu Sakamoto, Ikuko Harada (clammbon) and others participated as vocalists. All songs are written and arranged by Hanno. The vocalists' stretches are more than their respective leader albums. In particular, Hanaregumi's 'Dream Smell' and Ikuko Harada's 'Blue Moon' are so well done that one can feel the new possibilities of these two artists. Egorappin' Yoshie Nakano is also more glamorous than egorappin'. Perhaps Hanno and the vocalists were surprised themselves. Unlike the dense musical machine that is 'Lido, ' each of the songs is a live performance of it's own. (Original release: May 25, 2005)

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