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About Us

We've always had a passion for going to concert and sporting events, and in 2010 we began buying and selling our extra concert tickets when we were going to shows personally. Over time we began collecting more and more information around events (qualitative & quantitative) to buy and sell tickets with the best insights on cost and price projection or demand, building up experience in digital e-commerce around music. 

In 2018 we spotted a similar trend in a similarly volatile priced asset -- streetwear, and began testing out similar strategies in buy/sell in that industry. Relatively speaking, it also has a lot of influence from music/live events. 

In 2022, we began using our experience in sneakers (physical products) to expand to another relative product -- vinyl records. The timing here was perfect, as the vinyl record market picked up millions of new users during the pandemic (2020-2022) and now holds the top revenue rank for physical media in 2023.

Over the past 13 years, we have bought and sold over a million units across the 3 types of products, using the large e-commerce websites/platforms of each industry. 

Alongside this time, the fees on all large platforms have risen to anywhere from 15% to 50% on either side of buying and selling. Our goal is to provide access to better pricing and build a community of music lovers we can provide all of these goods to, exploring various bundling options to save across all the 3 music-related goods. 

In addition to better pricing, we are partnering with local businesses to establish donations to local arts with every transaction made on any of our websites. We believe sales on these music related goods have both the potential and responsibility to give back to local arts in the future independent revenue format of the music industry.  

To be honest... we're not sure why we didn't do this sooner. 

Please share/tell your friends about us. We will need your help getting the word out to grow!