About Us

Company History:

Since 2010, our team has been operating in e-commerce around music (records, concert tickets, and merch) selling over 1 million products, based out of NJ/NYC.

In 2022, we opened up our own e-commerce store.  Our goal is to provide better priced products directly to customers/fans without any inflated platform commissions/fees AND an enjoyable customer service experience.

We love these products, and we understand how frustrating purchasing them can be.  We are here to help answer any and all questions you may have around different items.

How do we select which records?

We are very intentional with the records we list, and artist collections we promote.  We monitor new releases of music/concert announcements from large record labels, independent artists, and more in a proprietary process we have established internally through 10+ years of experience.  We like to connect the dots between the physical music and the live events they are played at.

How do we ship our records/tickets?

We primarily operate records out of 3 processing centers (Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and Delaware).  Each record is processed in/out of one of these centers based on several factors.  Our goal is speed and cost effectiveness, we want to get these records to you as quickly as possible, WITH the lowest price available on the internet. International/imported units may take up to 3 additional weeks to be delivered. All orders include a flyer with a list of the latest records/concerts available.

All tickets we have for sale are digital, and will be transferred to your account with the official ticket system of the venue/artist for the event (TicketMaster + AXS).

How do we source our products?

All records and tickets for sale are sourced from large / legitimate suppliers or platforms that guarantee authenticity.  We work with some of the largest record suppliers in the US, and many globally.  We also have a team searching for vintage/rare records 24/7 for us to have for sale.  Any tickets we have for sale were purchased through barcode integrated systems with the official ticket issuer (TicketMaster or AXS) and will be digitally transferred to your account with the official ticket provider.  We do not use bots AT ALL!