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The Nazz - The Lost Masters & Demos - Multi-Colored Vinyls

The Nazz - The Lost Masters & Demos - Multi-Colored Vinyls

Color : Multi-Colored

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Release Date: 5/3/2024

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ATTENTION COLLECTORS! Check out this long-lost collection of unreleased Nazz studio recordings created by a burgeoning young songwriter/producer by the name of Todd Rundgren!

Taken directly from the original master acetates, this box set collects the originally conceived 1968 rough mix of Nazz's sophomore album "Nazz Nazz" created by Rundgren as he begins to learn the production techniques that made him the highly acclaimed producer he is today! Also contains unreleased, alternate mixes from 1967-1968 of tracks such as "Hello, It's Me," "Open My Eyes" and many more not available anywhere else! Includes a full-color booklet featuring liner notes and rare photos!


LP1 Side A

1 Forget All About It
2 Only One Winner
3 Magic Me
4 Gonna Cry Today
5 Meridian Leeward
6 Under the Ice

LP1 Side B
7 Some People
8 Rain Rider
9 Resolution
10 Old Time Lovemaking
11 Featherbedding Lover
12 Take the Hand
13 How Can You Call That Beautiful

LP2 Side A

14 Loosen Up
15 Sing a Song
16 Good Lovin' Woman
17 Sing a Song Reprise
18 It's Not That Easy
19 Plenty of Lovin'
20 Letters Don't Count
21 Kiddie Boy
22 Christopher Columbus

LP2 Side B

23 Hang on Paul
24 Not Wrong Long
25 You Are My Window
26 A Beautiful Song

LP3 Side A
27 Get Outta Here Baby (Early Version of Rain Rider)
28 Gonna Cry Today (Alt Version - Dick Charles)
29 Hello It's Me (1st Mono Mix - Hit Factory)
30 I'm Gonna Cry Today (Alt. Version - Dick Charles)

LP3 Side B

31 Kiddie Boy (Alt Version - Regent Sound)
32 Magic Me (Alt. Version - John Kurland)
33 Magic Me (Mono - Regent Studios)
34 Not Wrong Long (Alt. Mix - Regent Studios)

LP4 Side A

35 Old Time Lovemaking (Alt. Version - Dick Charles)
36 Open My Eyes (Alt. Version Stereo No Phasing)
37 Open My Eyes (Alt. Mix, No Vocals - Dick Charles)
38 Open My Eyes (Alt. Version No Phasing - Dick Charles)

LP4 Side B

39 There Is Only One Winner (Alt. Version - Dick Charles)
40 Under the Ice (Alt. Version Mastertone)
41 Under the Ice (Stereo - Regent Studios)
42 Back of Your Mind (Alt. Version - National Studios)
43 Hello It's Me (Alt. Version - John Kurland)

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