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Aya Nakano - Tenki Yohou (Weather Forecast) / Mirai (Future) (Reggae Disco Rockers) - Clear Vinyl

Aya Nakano - Tenki Yohou (Weather Forecast) / Mirai (Future) (Reggae Disco Rockers) - Clear Vinyl

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Release Date: 3/22/2024

Nakano Aya and Bremen, whose previous single disappeared from store shelves in the blink of an eye, have released their new single! ,Weather Forecast,, a song that was recorded on the 2nd album and received favorable reviews, captures the atmosphere of windy areas such as Tin Pan Alley, and ,Future,, a famous ballad recorded as a duo with a guitar, will be released on Reggae. Disco Rockers remix to beautiful and groovy Lovers Rock! This is a must listen!

Aya Nakano and Bremen are currently on a live tour in 47 prefectures nationwide. Following the previous work, which was sold out at most shops on the day of release, the second single cut from the song included in the 2nd album ,Nimaime, released last year is now available. On the A-side, the duet song ,Weather Forecast, by Aya Nakano and Hidero Nishioka, which gained popularity as a high-quality pop song reminiscent of Tin Pan Alley, has been mastered for this 7-inch version! And on the B-Side, Reggae Disco Rockers takes the famous ballad ,Future, recorded by a duo with only guitar and vocals and makes it into a wonderful Lovers Rock that makes the most of the goodness of the song while sprinkling in a sense of playfulness. Contains a remix that can only be heard here. Both have become a pairing that allows you to fully feel the charm of the artists. Now available as a limited edition clear vinyl. LISTEN: https://on. Soundcloud. com/U1pCg Tracklist: Side A: Tenki Yohou Side B: Mirai (Reggae Disco Rockers Remix)

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