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Stan Rogers - Songs of a Lifetime

Stan Rogers - Songs of a Lifetime

Color : Black

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Release Date: 02/23/2024

"It is testament to Stan Rogers' impact as a songwriter that 40 years after his sudden tragic death at the young age of 33 - people young and old are still singing his songs and celebrating his influence. His songs "Northwest Passage," "Barrett's Privateers" and "The Mary Ellen Carter" are woven into the fabric of North American Maritime culture. An essential item for any traditional folk music fan, Stan Rogers, Songs Of A Lifetime is a limited edition collectible box set that includes the entirety of his songwriting in a beautifully designed songbook of sheet music with notation and introductions written by Stan and those who worked with him. The book is packaged together with 49-recordings from three albums on five vinyl discs including the rare re-release For The Family first issued only months after his passing, and for the first time ever on vinyl, Coffee House to Concert Hall and Home In Halifax.

The Stan Rogers - Songs Of A Lifetime box set is a limited edition, only 1000 made.


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