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Sadus - The Shadow Inside - Silver, Red & Black Splatter Vinyl

Sadus - The Shadow Inside - Silver, Red & Black Splatter Vinyl

Color : Silver, Red & Black Splatter

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It has been sixteen long years since the monstrous sound of Sadus last bestowed a new record upon the world, but the time has finally arrived. This November, Nuclear Blast Records proudly presents the triumphant return of the unconquerable Sadus with their sixth full-length studio album, titled The Shadow Inside. Adorned with the compelling artwork of Travis Smith, the album cover depicts an all-consuming demon of the cosmos fiercely enveloping a tortured soul beneath, perfectly encapsulating the vision and duality that the songs on this record deliver. Many tracks on the new album revolve around the idea of an internal entity constantly pushing us. At times, one might find themselves at the edge of reason, attributing their actions to the shadow within, an external force they blame for their choices. While not a concept album per-se, every song deals with life decisions and the importance of taking responsibility for one,s actions to unlock the best life has to offer. Splatter LP


1 First Blood
2 Scorched and Burnt
3 It,s the Sickness
4 Ride the Knife
5 Anarchy
6 The Devil in Me
7 Pain
8 No Peace
9 New Begginings
10 The Shadow Inside

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