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Bobby Digital In Stereo

Bobby Digital In Stereo

Color : Green

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Bobby Digital in Stereo
is the debut studio album by American rapper and producer RZA. It was released on November 24, 1998, and was certified Gold on February 5, 1999, by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It is an experimental album that is based on a story featuring him rhyming as a hedonistic, fun-loving alter-ego named Bobby Digital and showcasing a unique keyboard-driven sound (rather than samples) that RZA called digital orchestra, receiving mostly positive, though somewhat mixed, reviews.


A1 Intro 0:37

A2 B.O.B.B.Y. 5:23

A3 Unspoken Word 4:44

A4 Slow Grind African 1:02

A5 Airwaves 1:47

A6 Love Jones 4:31

B1 N.Y.C. Everything 4:17

B2 Mantis 3:33

B3 Slow Grind French 0:53

B4 Holocaust (Silk Worm) 5:14

B5 Terrorist 3:25

C1 Bobby Did It (Spanish Fly) 4:22

C2 Hand Writing On The Wall 1:39

C3 Kiss Of A Black Widow 2:47

C4 Slow Grind Italian 1:01

C5 My Lovin' Is Digi 4:26

D1 Domestic Violence 5:18

Bonus Tracks

D2 Project Talk 1:51

D3 Lab Drunk 3:34

D4 Fuck What Yo Think 3:10

D5 Daily Routine 4:23

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