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Pat Patterson - Most Requested Country Songs

Pat Patterson - Most Requested Country Songs

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Just over ten seconds in, Most Requested Country Songs sets itself apart. It's quickly clear this is an album with it's own flavor, one placing country music archetypes in a fresh setting. It's the voice which hits home so soon after the record begins. Keening and lilting yet melodic, with a passion belying an ease of delivery. The vocal edge is a little like that of Willie Nelson, and the music has a honky-tonk forthrightness. Above all, an intensity telegraphs sincerity. Yet Pat Patterson's March 1969 album slipped between the cracks. Original copies barely ever come up for sale. When they do, they are instantly bought. Awareness of it's distinctiveness isn't widespread, but this first-ever reissue will amend that. Sweden's Sweet Mental Revenge Records - who previously gave you the highly acclaimed Rodger Wilhoit and Richard Gibbs deluxe reissues - now set full focus on Pat Patterson. Hardcore honky-tonk rarely hits harder or comes finer than on original tracks like "Wait Just A Minute" or "Life Can Go On With A Heartache". "She's Not You" will instantly make you hit honky tonk hardwood floor while Pat Patterson's take on "See The Big Man Cry" is monumental sadness and self-pity. This magnificent album is as American as the music in it's grooves - booze, pills, hate, and aggression. In the extensive liner notes, the full story of Pat Patterson is finally revealed.

Deluxe packaging and remastering - no expenses saved - in true Sweet Mental Revenge style.

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