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Pink Flyod - Obscured By Clouds

Pink Flyod - Obscured By Clouds

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Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Original vinyl packaging has been lovingly replicated with special care. Obscured by Clouds is the seventh studio album by Pink Floyd, based on their soundtrack for the French film La Vallée, by Barbet Schroeder. The album was released in the United Kingdom on 2 June 1972, and a few weeks later in the United States, by Harvest, reaching #6 and #46 respectively. By 1972, Pink Floyd had supplied the soundtracks to the films The Committee (1968) and More (1969) and to part of Zabriskie Point (1970). Consequently, Barbet Schroeder asked the band to create the soundtrack for La Vallée, which they had agreed to do after More had become a success. "Free Four" was the first Pink Floyd song since "See Emily Play" to attract significant airplay in the US.


Disc 1:
1 Obscured By Clouds 3:05
2 When You're in 2:31
3 Burning Bridges 3:30
4 The Gold It's in the... 3:07
5 Wot's... Uh the Deal 5:09
6 Mudmen 4:17
Disc 2:
1 Childhood's End 4:33
2 Free Four 4:16
3 Stay 4:07
4 Absolutely Curtains 5:52
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