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Nozomi Aoki - Symphonic Poem GALAXY EXPRESS 999 (Original Soundtrack)

Nozomi Aoki - Symphonic Poem GALAXY EXPRESS 999 (Original Soundtrack)

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Release Date: 3/22/2024

A collection of music from the movie ,Galaxy Express 999, released on August 4, 1979.

A heavy-duty reprint of the LP (CQ-7025) released on July 25, 1979 prior to it,s release. https://open. Spotify. com/track/0svc479pHeR6wlSXn2E9vN TRACK LIST Side A 1. Prologue - Main Theme 2. Tetsuro, A Bravery Boy 3. Fatal Parting, And Yearning For The Unknown 4. Taking - Off! Over The Galaxy 5. Requiem 6. Crystal Clair, A Pretty Girl 7. Bound For Time Castle Side B 1. Awakening Of Love 2. Never Dying Spirit In Alkadia 3. Planet Meytel 4. Clair... Scattering In The Galaxy... Tear 5. Epilogue - Farewell And The Beginning Of Another Journey Featured songs: TAKING-OFF & THE GALAXY EXPRESS 999

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