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My Chemical Romance - Black Parade Is Dead

My Chemical Romance - Black Parade Is Dead

Color : Black

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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2008 live release. The Black Parade Is Dead! Is MCR,s final performance as their onstage characters, the Black Parade. The Black Parade centers around a dying character called The Patient, who reflects on events in his life while he is confronted by Death in the form of his fondest memory, that of his father bringing him to see a marching band. This is based on frontman Gerard Way,s belief that death comes to a person in the form of their fondest memory.


- Disc 1 -
1 The End. (Live in Mexico City)
2 Dead! (Live in Mexico City)
3 This Is How I Disappear (Live in Mexico City)
4 The Sharpest Lives (Live in Mexico City)
5 Welcome to the Black Parade (Live in Mexico City)
- Disc 2 -
1 I Don,t Love You (Live in Mexico City)
2 House of Wolves (Live in Mexico City)
3 Interlude (Live in Mexico City)
4 Cancer (Live in Mexico City)
5 Mama (Live in Mexico City)
- Disc 3 -
1 Sleep (Live in Mexico City)
2 Teenagers (Live in Mexico City)
3 The Black Parade Is Dead!
4 Disenchanted (Live in Mexico City)
5 Famous Last Words (Live in Mexico City)
6 Blood (End Credits)
- Disc 4 -
1 Kill All Your Friends
2 My Way Home Is Through You
3 Heaven Help Us

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