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  • Release Date: 4/26/2024
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Michel Moers, the legendary Telex artist, makes a grand return with "As Is," his second solo album, released 33 years after his debut. This 2024 album features a unique blend of thoughtful electronic music and surrealism, marking a significant evolution in Moers' artistic journey. "As Is" includes collaborations with Claudia Brücken and Belgian singer Daan Stuyven, adding depth and variety to it's sound. The album, reminiscent of diary entries and influenced by Erik Satie, was recorded largely in transit. It revisits and updates Moers' classics, reflecting on modern individualism. Moers' involvement in remastering Telex's catalogue has sharpened his auditory skills, enriching this album. "As Is" is not just a comeback but a testament to Moers' enduring creativity and relevance in the contemporary music scene.

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