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Matt Mitchell Music Co. - Obvious Euphoria

Matt Mitchell Music Co. - Obvious Euphoria

Color : Black

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Matt Mitchell Music Co.,s Obvious Euphoria maps out a heartfelt journey through heartache, grief, and perseverance reaching towards transformation, a journey that parallels Mitchell,s own roaming and seeking life. On the album, it,s in the moments of kinship and intimacy, which Mitchell shares with his bandmates featuring members of Desolation Horse, The Hackles, Blind Pilot, and Taco Tapes, that an undeniable warmth and powerful chemistry rises to the fore. Layers of harmony and instrumentation compliment Mitchell,s introspective and vulnerable storytelling in a spacious and compelling way. Life,s highway might always be winding, but Obvious Euphoria is a stop worth taking.


1 Hourglass
2 Kerosene
3 Bootstrap Nation
4 Meantime
5 Country Gonna Kill Me
6 House on Fire
7 It Is Better
8 Captain Toyota
9 All in Good Time

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