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Laibach - The Sound Of Music

Laibach - The Sound Of Music

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The Sound of Music was conceived when Laibach were infamously invited to perform in North Korea in 2015. The band performed several songs from the 1965 film's soundtrack at the concert in Pyongyang. The Sound of Music was chosen by Laibach as it's a wellknown and beloved film in the DPRK that is often used by schoolchildren to learn English. Laibach are joined by Boris Benko (Silence) and Marina Martensson on vocals. The album gives the Laibach treatment to tracks such as 'My Favorite Things,' 'Edelweiss,' 'Do-Re-Mi' and 'Maria,' here reworked as 'Maria / Korea' ('How do you solve a problem like Maria / Korea?'). While the majority of the tracks on the album are from the film, the band also included 'Arirang,' an interpretation of a traditional Korean folk song considered the unofficial national anthem of both North and South Korea (and released recently to mark the historic summit in Singapore between Donald Trump and the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un). Also included is their own workout of the Gayageum, a traditional Korean zither-like string instrument performed by students from the Kum Song Music School in Pyongyang and a recording of the band's 'welcome' speech to Korea from Mr. Ryu from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Committee for Cultural Relations. The album was recorded and produced in Ljubljana, Slovenia and in Pyongyang, North Korea. It represents another successful collaboration between Laibach and Silence (Primoz Hladnik and Boris Benko), who previously co-created Laibach's 2006 Volk album. Over 35 years on from their genesis in the thenYugoslavian industrial town Trbovlje, Laibach are still the most internationally acclaimed band to have come out of the former Communist countries of Eastern and Central Europe. Founded in the death year of the country's founding father Tito, and rising to fame as Yugoslavia steered towards self-destruction, Laibach can make you think, dance and march to the same music.


1. Tanz mit Laibach

2. Space Battle Suite

3. O, Triglav, moj dom

4. B Mashina

5. The Whistleblowers

6. Geburt einer Nation

7. So Long, Farewell

8. My Favorite Things

9. Maria/Korea

10. Across the Universe

11. Sympathy for the Devil

12. Under the Iron Sky

13. Opus Dei

14. Slovania

15. Rossiya

16. Eurovision

17. Wirtschaft ist tot

18. Honourable, Dead or Alive, When Following the Revolutionary Road

19. The Lonely Goatherd

20. Alle gegen alle

21. War

22. Leben Heißt Leben

23. God Is God

24. Brat Moj

25. We Are Millions and Millions Are One

26. The Engine of Survival

27. Final Countdown

28. Gotterdammerung Muss Fliegen

29. No History

30. Life Is Life

31. Germania

32. America


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