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Klaus Johann Grobe - Io Tu Il Loro

Klaus Johann Grobe - Io Tu Il Loro

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Release Date: 3/22/2024

Six years have passed since Swiss-based duo Klaus Johann

Grobe,s last long player "Du bist so symmetrisch" (2018) and you,ll hear they,ve come a long way. "Io tu il loro", their fourth album for Chicago-based Trouble In Mind Records was written over two weeks in a cabin at the very end of a remote Swiss valley, where - pretty much at the same place - Klaus Johann Grobe came up with their whole debut full-length "I,m Sinne der Zeit" album in 2014. What started out as simply making music again quickly turned into seriously making a new album. Once decided, the whole thing was finished rather quickly and recorded once again at David Langhard,s Dala Studio at the end of 2022. "Io tu il loro" is a record that cannot be done by endlessly fiddling around with hundreds of ideas and sounds. All it needed was a real break (Dani and Sevi didn,t work on any Grobe related stuff until they met up in the mountains in 2022). It,s an album with a blurry vision and soft limitations.
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