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Keith Richards - Live At The Hollywood Palladium

Keith Richards - Live At The Hollywood Palladium

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“The house lights are still up, stage lights down, as musicians stroll through the shadows, taking a seat on the drum riser or dropping to the floor in a circle. There is chatting and laughter amid drinks and smokes. Then a single, white spotlight hits the leader from behind: KEITH RICHARDS of THE ROLLING STONES, now on his feet, assuming the position as he fires up the first riff of the night, the clanging-guitar call to jubilant disorder in “Take It So Hard.” From the all new essay, “The Loosest Tight Band You Ever Heard” by renowned rock writer David Fricke. Featured exclusively in the reissue of KEITH RICHARDS & THE X-PENSIVE WINOS LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM, December15, 1988 from BMG and Mindless Records. The restoration and reissuing of the storied catalog from Keith Richards continues with this set featuring the solo hit “Take It So Hard,” Richards-led Stones classic “Happy” and previously unreleased performances of “You Don’t Move Me,” “Little T&A” and the Lennon/McCartney-penned “I Wanna Be Your Man.” Building on the award-winning TALK IS CHEAP package, LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM is presented in a matching folio, wrapped in a black cotton replica of the tour shirt sold that night, complete with a satin VIP pass on top.


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