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Janet Jackson - Discipline

Janet Jackson - Discipline

Color : Black

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Double Vinyl LP Pressing of Discipline by Janet Jackson. The review by Janet is 'In putting Discipline out front - as both the title of the album and title of a song about sexual surrender - I wanted to announce that I was venturing into new creative waters. That meant working with producers like Jermaine Dupri, Rodney Jerkins, and Ne-Yo, whose songs spoke to the immediacy of my emotions. Like all my records, this one, whether intentional or not, has autobiographical roots. It's difficult for me to work any other way. I believe that discipline has given me the confidence to jump out of the nest. When L.A. Reid, Chairman of Island Def Jam, and I discussed co-executive producing this record, we both agreed that the feeling had to adventuresome and fresh.'

- Disc 1 -
1 I.D. - Janet Jackson, Jerkins, Rodney
2 Feedback - Janet Jackson, Jerkins, Rodney
3 Luv - Janet Jackson, Jerkins, Rodney
4 Rollercoaster - Janet Jackson, Jerkins, Rodney
5 Bathroom Break - Janet Jackson, Jerkins, Rodney
6 Rock with U - Janet Jackson, Smith, Shaffer
7 2Nite - Janet Jackson, Jackson, Phillip Ta
8 Can't B Good - Janet Jackson, Smith, Shaffer
9 Never Letchu Go - Janet Jackson, Dupri, Jermaine
10 Greatest X - Janet Jackson, Stewart, Christophe
11 Good Morning Janet - Janet Jackson, Jerkins, Rodney
12 So Much Betta - Janet Jackson, Dupri, Jermaine
13 The 1 - Janet Jackson, Dupri, Jermaine
14 What's Ur Name - Janet Jackson, Dupri, Jermaine
15 The Meaning - Janet Jackson, Jerkins, Rodney
16 Discipline - Janet Jackson, Smith, Shaffer
17 Curtains - Janet Jackson, Jerkins, Rodney
18 What's Ur Name
19 The Meaning
20 Discipline
21 Back
22 Curtains
- Disc 2 -
1 Feedback [DVD]
2 Bonus Materials [DVD]

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