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Israel Vibration - Why You So Craven

Israel Vibration - Why You So Craven

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Recorded in 1982 at Tuff Gong studio for vocals, mixed at Channel One by Scientist and Henry "Junjo" Lawes, this 1982 album was reissued only once on vinyl in the USA via RAS Records in 1991.

Considered their key album by many, Skelly, Wiss and Apple are accompanied by an exceptional band: the Hi-Times Band, a studio backing band formed by Earl "Chinna" Smith and comprising himself, Anthony Creary, Christopher Meredith, Errol Nelson, Fazal Prendergast, Noel "Scully" Simms, Tony "Asher" Brissett. A "must-have" that we are reissuing today in it's original version, with the tapes re-mastered for greater listening comfort and clarity. 180 g vinyl + 350 sleeve."


  • 1 Universal Father
  • 2 Why You So Craven
  • 3 On Jah Solid Rock
  • 4 Jah Is the Way
  • 5 Highway Robbery
  • 6 Give Thanks and Praise
  • 7 Whats the Use
  • 8 Smack Right Jam
  • 9 Morning Light
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