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He Who Walks Behind the Rows - They Thought They Were Alone - Red Vinyl

He Who Walks Behind the Rows - They Thought They Were Alone - Red Vinyl

Color : Red

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He Who Walks Behind the Rows continues to write songs based on your favorite scary movies. The album They Thought They Were Alone, released by HepTown Records has twelve new songs about evil, violence, bloodshed and death and even though you haven,t seen all of the movies yet; they all serve their purpose once again, to introduce even more people to the glorious world of horror movies. The opening track returns to yet another chapter in the Children Of The Corn saga, where the journey of He Who Walks Behind the Rows started almost seven years ago. Jaws will paint the water red. Madman Marz will haunt your dreams. Beware of the green light in The Tommyknockers. Send that woman away in a Strait-Jacket. Charlie is a Firestarter. Wild Beasts leaves the city in chaos. Dr Freudstein still lives in the cellar in The House By The Cemetery. Unholy words from the book Necronomicon unleashes hell and Evil Dead. The secrets in Galen is all connected to The Incubus. A family is brutally murdered and The Stepfather is ready for a new one to fulfill his sick needs. What the hell is going on in the Marsten House in Salem,s Lot.

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