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Eternal Evil - The Gates Beyond Mortality - Yellow, Black

Eternal Evil - The Gates Beyond Mortality - Yellow, Black

Color : Red

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Influenced by Thrash Metal Royalties Slayer, Kreator, Destruction, and Exodus ' earlier works, ETERNAL EVIL was formed in Stockholm - Sweden in 2019.

The band has intended to carry on the legacy of early High energy early Classic Thrash insanity. Their quickly sold-out 'Rise of Death' self-released demo was recorded in band leader Adrian Tobar's garage and It was later issued by Iron Fist and Redefining Darkness records. Shortly after the demo release, the world was hit by a pandemic, and during those restrictive years, the band worked in silence and brought in Norrland guitarist Tobias Lindström. Recorded at Studio Humbucker by Robert Pehrsson, the band's full length debut 'The Warriors Awakening... Brings The Unholy Slaughter' was released in November 2021. Now with two new members, the band is ready with it's follow-up album "The Gates beyond Mortality" to be released in October 2023. For fans of Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, Dark angel, Destruction, Dissection, Slayer.
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