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Dave Chappelle - The Age Of Spin And Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Dave Chappelle - The Age Of Spin And Deep In The Heart Of Texas

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"Deep in the Heart of Texas" is an American popular song about Texas.

The 1941 song features lyrics by June Hershey and music by Don Swander. There were no fewer than five versions in the Billboard charts in 1942. "Deep in the Heart of Texas" spent five weeks at the top of Your Hit Parade in 1942 during its twelve weeks stay.


The Age of Spin 



Fear In The Car 

First Time I Met OJ         

Wedge Issues    

Second Time I Met OJ    

Deep Water       

Third Time I Met OJ        

Age Of Spin        

Care Bears         

Mind Expansion


Kevin Hart          

Let's Not Forget

Fourth Time I Met OJ     


Deep In the Heart of Texas          


Banana Gate      

Because I'm Dave Chappelle        

Ebola In Dallas  

The Racial Hotseat          

Name Calling     

Ray Rice              

An Acquired Taste           

Gangster Shit     

Get A Dog           


Mercy Jerk

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