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Dave Chappelle - Double Feature - Equanimity / Bird Revelation

Dave Chappelle - Double Feature - Equanimity / Bird Revelation

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Dave Chappelle: Equanimity & The Bird Revelation is an original Netflix comedy stand-up series starring Dave Chappelle. It has 2 episodes. It was released on December 31, 2017, and the episodes are between 49 minutes and 63 minutes long. The language of this series is English.



A1                         Make America Wait Again

A2                         The Fishbowl

A3                         Growing Up Poor Around White People

A4                         How'd Everyone Get So Sensitive?

B1                         I'll Say It For Everyone Else...

B2                         Feeling My Age

C1                         I Know The Game Now

C2                         High People Ideas

D1                         The Media On Trump

D2                         Emmett Till

The Bird Revelation         

A1                         Cold Opening

A2                         Who's Next?

A3                         This Could Happen To Any Of Us

A4                         Fearless

A5                         Newsworthy Nuts / Tone Deaf?

B1                         Brittle Spirit

B2                         I Was Right Once

B3                         Truth And Reconcilliation

C1                         The Joys Of Being Wrong

C2                         The Upside Down

C3                         Heroic Moment

D1                         Iceberg Slim

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