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Cornel Wilczek - Talk to Me (Original Soundtrack)

Cornel Wilczek - Talk to Me (Original Soundtrack)

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  • Release Date: 3/1/2024


Cornel Wilczek - Talk to Me - Soundtrack - LP

Cornel Wilczek's score for A24's crowd favorite horror, TALK TO ME, orchestral elements and ethereal vocals make for a refreshing take on the classic horror score. The award winning composer has brilliantly accomplished a wholly new sense of foreboding - it's a menacingly beautiful score bound to get, and stay, under your skin.


1 Mother
2 Roadkill
3 He Needs to Die
4 Riley's Possession
5 Talk to Me
6 I Let You in
7 Hungry Spirit
8 Just Trust Me, I Know What to Do
9 Taking Care of Riley
10 Mother or Monster
11 Alone with the Hand
12 The Letter
13 We Have to Do Something Jade
14 Mia's Mission
15 Depths of Hell
16 Quain
17 The Other Side
18 Le Monde (From Talk to Me)
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