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Master Peace - How To Make A Master Peace - Yellow Vinyl

Master Peace - How To Make A Master Peace - Yellow Vinyl

Color : Yellow

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My debut album, How To Make A Master Peace, is definitely the most alternative body of work I,ve created to date. I chose to experiment with sub-genres of Indie that I feel no one is currently exploring, and create a record people wouldn,t expect from me - something versatile yet thorough. From a musical standpoint, I drew influences from Indie Sleaze & Indie Dance acts such as: Friendly Fires, Justice, LCD Soundsystem and early Calvin Harris. But beyond this, I also found inspiration in the soundtracks to some of my favourite shows: Skins, Misfits & even Waterloo Road. All of these shows touch on adolescence, love, regret, friendship, culture and character building; which also happen to be the main themes of the album. Even though I,ve nodded to these topics before, I,ve never approached them in such depth and with so much vulnerability. For this project, I wanted to explore all of this backed by a melancholic soundscape - evoking feelings of nightlife and partying, as these can be youthful yet transformational spaces. In terms of my creative process, I didn,t use any old demos on the project - I started each track from scratch. I was confident because I knew what I wanted to achieve and my creativity was at an all-time high. The only continuity on the project is through it,s production, being produced by the one and only

Julian Bunetta and Matt Schwartz (who produced my latest EP, Peace of Mind). I feel really lucky to be able to work with these two as they both inherently understand the vision. Overall I,m just so proud of this project and it,s ability to be simultaneously of the past and of the future.


1 Los Narcos
2 Lodge
3 Panic101
4 Start You Up
5 I Might Be Fake
6 Loo Song
7 Get Naughty !
8 Sick in the Bathroom
9 Shangaladang
10 Heaven
11 Happiness Is Love

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