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Litto Nebbia - Muerte En La Catedral

Litto Nebbia - Muerte En La Catedral

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Melopea Discos present a reissue of Litto Nebbia's Muerte en La Catedral, originally released in 1973. Muerte en La Catedral, following other four solo Litto Nebbia's albums, and his then, fifth work under the Huinca alias (LPM 085LP), is a consistent "outing" in his solo career. It has a progressive ambience shining through it as well as a liaison with Argentinian roots disposed with subtle lyricism. In songs like "El Revolver Es Un Hombre Legal" and "Mendigo de la Luna" there's a jazzy-pop dressing a la Chicago, If, Blood Sweat & Tears, and Rare Earth, which is a compliment to be taken seriously. "Señora Muerte" works as an experimental space-folk. "Vals de Mi Hogar", as a complex folk trip. The floating vocals arrangements of "Despedida Del Trabajo Nro 2", wrap it up these special flavored songs. Curiously, the trio have an exquisite Brazilian spice recalling directly Clube Da Esquina (1972), the Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges masterpiece (1972). On the gigantic title track, the astute percussive organ meets guitar counterpoints, sounding perfectly like a cross of Terry Kath (Chicago) and Gary Green (Gentle Giant). The bonus track - never included on it's official vinyl release - "Señora Vida" recalls some of the best bits you can find on the - back then - contemporary Italian Prog; i.e. Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso and PFM. Above all, a very solid album, concise in it's delivery, and soul. Having over 100 albums under his belt, including soundtracks, full productions and collaborations, Félix Francisco Nebbia, as known as Litto Nebbia was born in Rosario, Santa Fé province, Argentina, in 1948. Aside of being a cult name and an artistic institution per se, he can easily display a legendary status as his name appears in over 1200 songs. As early as 1963, he was already playing guitar, and playing lo-key gigs. With his best friend Ciro Fogliatta he formed the first Argentinian rock band in 1966, Los Gatos. He established Melopea, his own company, a pioneer enterprise for discovering and recording upcoming talents as well as being a record label. He has collaborated with well-regarded musicians as Cacho Tejera, Victor Biglione, Zé Renato, Domingo Cura, and Lito Vitale. Welcome to the legendary world of Litto Nebbia!

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