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De La Soul Is Dead

De La Soul Is Dead

Color : Green/Yellow Split

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De La Soul Is Dead is the second studio album by the American hip-hop group De La Soul, released on May 14, 1991. The album was produced by Prince Paul, whose work on 3 Feet High and Rising was highly praised by music critics. The album was one of the first to receive a five-mic rating in the Hip hop magazine The Source, and the album was also selected as one of The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums in 1998. The album's cover refers to the death of the "Da.I.S.Y." (Da Inner Sound, Y'all) age or a distancing from several cultures including hippies and mainstream hip-hop.


A1 Intro Written-By  C.Johns*, D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, L.Farrow*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By  C.Johns*, D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, L.Farrow*, P.Huston*, V.Mason2:14

A2 Oodles Of O's Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, T.Waits*, V.MasonWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, T.Waits*, V.Mason3:32

A3 Talkin' Bout Hey Love Performer [Heyish Riffin']  Tesha Sills Performer [Heyish Singer]  Ann Roberts Written-By  C.Paul*, D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, M.Broadnax*, P.Huston*, S.Gainsbourg*, S.Wonder*, V.MasonPerformer [Heyish Riffin']  Tesha Sills Performer [Heyish Singer]  Ann Roberts Written By C.Paul*, D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, M.Broadnax*, P.Huston*, S.Gainsbourg*, S.Wonder*,V.Mason2:27

A4 Pease Porridge Performer [Fight Commentators]  Mikey Roads, Squirrel (10) Performer [Gossip Gladiators]  Jennette (2), Lashawn (2) Performer [Grandma Mase]  Squirrel (10) Performer [Jabib]  Jarobi Performer [Scheming Punk Pinocchios]  Bobby Simmons, Prince Paul Performer [The Frog]  Lisle Leete Written-By  A.Goodhart*, A.Hoffman*, B.Birthright*, D.Jolicoeur*, H.Magidson*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonPerformer [Fight Commentators]  Mikey Roads, Squirrel (10) Performer [Gossip Gladiators]  Jennette (2), Lashawn (2) Performer [Grandma Mase]  Squirrel (10) Performer [Jabib]  Jarobi Performer [Scheming Punk Pinocchios]  Bobby Simmons, Prince Paul Performer [The Frog]  Lisle Leete Written-By  A.Goodhart*, A.Hoffman*, B.Birthright*, D.Jolicoeur*, H.Magidson*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason5:01

A5 Skit 1 Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason0:25

A6 Johnny's Dead AKA Vincent Mason (Live From The BK Lounge) Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason1:56

A7 A Rollerskating Jam Named "SaturdaysPerformer [Disco Diva Singer]  Vinia Mojica Performer [WRMS Personality]  Russell Simmons Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, J.Davis*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, R.Mathews*, V.MasonPerformer [Disco Diva Singer]  Vinia Mojica Performer [WRMS Personality]  Russell Simmons Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, J.Davis*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, R.Mathews*, V.Mason4:02

B1 WRMS' Dedication To The Bitty Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, J.Sample*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, J.Sample*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason0:46

B2 Bitties In The BK Lounge Performer [Bitties]  Almond Joy, Jenette, Monique (5), Naima (3), Tonya (2) Performer [WRMS Personality]  Baby ChrisWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, K.Nix*, O.K. Isley*, P.Huston*, R.Isley*, R.Isley*, V.MasonPerformer [Bitties]  Almond Joy, Jenette, Monique (5), Naima (3), Tonya (2) Performer [WRMS Personality]  Baby ChrisWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, K.Nix*, O.K. Isley*, P.Huston*, R.Isley*, R.Isley*, V.Mason5:39

B3 Skit 2 Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason0:30

B4 My Brother's A Basehead Performer [Gospel Singers]  Squirrel (10), DovePerformer [Preacher]  Squirrel (10) Written-By  C.Ballard, Jr.*, D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, R.Krieger*, V.MasonPerformer [Gospel Singers]  Squirrel (10), DovePerformer [Preacher]  Squirrel (10) Written-By  C.Ballard, Jr.*, D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, R.Krieger*, V.Mason4:20

B5 Let, Let Me In Written-By  B.Birthright*, D.Jolicoeur*, B.McCracken*, K.Mercer*, L.Fulson*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By B.Birthright*, D.Jolicoeur*, B.McCracken*, K.Mercer*, L.Fulson*, P.Huston*, V.Mason3:25

B6 Afro Connections At A Hi 5 (In The Eyes Of The Hoodlum) Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason4:03

C1 Rap De Rap Show Performer [Promo Players]  Bobby Simmons, Chris Height, De La Soul, Divine Styler, Jungle Brothers, Kim Carter, Mike*, Prince Paul, Q-Tip Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonPerformer [Promo Players]  Bobby Simmons, Chris Height, De La Soul, Divine Styler, Jungle Brothers, Kim Carter, Mike*, Prince Paul, Q-Tip Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason2:19

C2 Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, G.Clinton*, G.Cook*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, G.Clinton*, G.Cook*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason4:09

C3 Who Do U Worship? Performer [Happy Pessimistic Nerdish Realist]  Ronald Chavelier Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonPerformer [Happy Pessimistic Nerdish Realist]  Ronald Chavelier Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason1:59

C4 Skit 3 Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason0:32

C5 Kicked Out The House Keyboards  Lisle Leete Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonKeyboards  Lisle Leete Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason1:55

C6 Pass The Plugs Written-By  W.Smith*, D.Jolicoeur*, E.Wright*, J.Perry*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By  W.Smith*, D.Jolicoeur*, E.Wright*, J.Perry*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason3:29

C7 Not Over Till The Fat Lady Plays The Demo Performer [Scheming-Type Theme Noise For The Fat Lady]  Post Performer [Slippery Tongue Petro Dialogue Narrator]  DoveWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, J.C. Vannier*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, S.Gainsbourg*, V.MasonPerformer [Scheming-Type Theme Noise For The Fat Lady]  Pos Performer [Slippery Tongue Petro Dialogue Narrator]  DoveWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, J.C. Vannier*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, S.Gainsbourg*, V.Mason1:29

D1 Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, G.Skinner*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, G.Skinner*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason5:05

D2 WRMS: Cat's In Control Performer [Sexy One-Night-Stand Radio Personality]  Cat Jackson Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, J.Sample*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonPerformer [Sexy One-Night-Stand Radio Personality]  Cat Jackson Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, J.Sample*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason0:33

D3 Skit 4 Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason0:12

D4 Shwingalokate Written-By  B.Nelson*, D.Jolicoeur*, G.Clinton*, K.Mercer*, K.McCord*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By  B.Nelson*, D.Jolicoeur*, G.Clinton*, K.Mercer*, K.McCord*, P.Huston*, V.Mason4:13

D5 Fanatic Of The B Word Vocals [Zooted Vocal Intro]  Mike "Dreddy Bear" GWritten-By  A. Titus*, D.Jolicoeur*, D.Kinsey*, K.Mercer*, M.Jones*, P.Huston*, R.Kinsey*, V.MasonVocals [Zooted Vocal Intro]  Mike "Dreddy Bear" GWritten-By  A. Titus*, D.Jolicoeur*, D.Kinsey*, K.Mercer*, M.Jones*, P.Huston*, R.Kinsey*, V.Mason4:09

D6 Keepin' The Faith Written-By  B.Marley*, D.Webster*, D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, M.Adams*, M.Hicks*, P.Huston*, R.Turner*, R. Temperton*, S. Young*, S.Arrington*, T.Lockett*, V.MasonWritten-By  B.Marley*, D.Webster*, D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, M.Adams*, M.Hicks*, P.Huston*, R.Turner*, R. Temperton*, S. Young*, S.Arrington*, T.Lockett*, V.Mason4:44

D7 Skit 5 Written-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.MasonWritten-By  D.Jolicoeur*, K.Mercer*, P.Huston*, V.Mason0:32

Label: Tommy Boy – TB-5109-1 Series: Vinyl Me, Please. Exclusive Pressing

Format:2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Club Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue, Remastered, Green/Yellow Split

Country: US


Genre: Hip Hop

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