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Chris Acker - Good Kid

Chris Acker - Good Kid

Color : Black

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 Release Date: 4/26/2024

Originally released March 6th, 2020 - FIRST VINYL RELEASE. 140 gram black vinyl with lyric page. Chris Acker's sophomore album, Good Kid, is everything a country singer-songwriter album should be. It's lively, honest, and catchy as hell. Acker's songs deliver heartbreaking punchlines with cheeky pleasantries; a nod at the kind of old country humor found in staples such as Loretta Lynn's "Fist City" and storytelling and disposition of a young John Prine. While there are traces of these predecessors, the songs remain authentically Acker. It's clear he has a good time song writing, yet glimpses of darker, more poignant themes emerge in "Aloe Vera" and "Orion's Gut." Good Kid is a rousing album with a well-balanced dose of pedal steel, bright organ, and infectious rhythm. Ross Farbe (Video Age) recorded most of the solo songs in the studio, while Duff Thompson (Mashed Potato Records) took on the full-band numbers in live recordings. Originally released on March 5th, 2020, days before the COVID lockdown began in New Orleans and the rest of the country, 'Good Kid' is both a record that was swallowed by the world and one that firmly established Acker's essential role in the country music landscape.

In advance of new music from Chris coming out later this year, Gar Hole Records is proud to present this first pressing of 'Good Kid', an essential release for fans of modern alt-country and Americana. At the center of that sound are the entwined voices of Casey Jane and Camille, two longtime friends whose songs explore the uncharted territory between genres. There's rarely a melody on Meet The Lostines that the two don't sing together, stacking their lush harmonies against a backdrop of baritone guitar, spring reverb, orchestral strings, Cajun fiddle, upright piano, and Theremin. It's an immersive sound that bridges the gaps between genres, created by two songwriters (along with a revolving door of collaborators, coconspirators, and fellow Big Easy residents) who're happy to build their own world."
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