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Childish Gambino - Because The Internet

Childish Gambino - Because The Internet

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Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Because The Internet is the sophomore album from Childish Gambino, the stage name of Grammy, Golden Globe, and Emmy Award-winning recording artist, actor, and producer Donald Glover. Released in 2013, the album lends perspective to the complications born from an Internet-obsessed society. In creating Because The Internet, Glover set out to not just release an album but to build a world, also releasing a companion screenplay and short film, "Clapping For The Wrong Reasons." The album features appearances from Chance The Rapper, Jhene Aiko, and Azaelia Banks. The Internet has shaped the way he views the world, the way he relates to people, and the way he creates and disseminates his art. “I want to show how the Internet affects our lives,” he says. “As much as everyone can find someone on the Internet now, we still feel lost. I still feel very empty. It makes me feel more lost because nothing that I do is that different. -- We’re kind of alone in the universe. -- We all feel these things, but nobody’s figured out how to solve them.” Because The Internet takes on loneliness, relationship issues, and isolation with a level of self-awareness and acceptance that challenges the norms and seeks to better understand the impact of the internet on society. Because The Internet by Childish Gambino. Shipping in 2-3 weeks


A1 - The Library - 0:05
A2 - I. Crawl - 3:29
A3 - II. Worldstar - 4:05
A4 - Dial Up - 0:45
A5 - I. The Worst Guys - 3:40
A6 - II. Shadows - 3:52
B1 - III. Telegraph Ave. (Oakland by Lloyd) - 3:31
B2 - IV. Sweatpants - 3:01
B3 - V. 3005 - 3:54
B4 - Playing Around Before The Party Starts - 0:54
B5 - I. Party - 1:31
C1 - II. No Exit - 2:52
C2 - Death By Numbers - 0:44
C3 - I. Flight Of The Navigator - 5:44
C4 - II. Zealots of Stockholm [Free Information] - 4:51
D1 - III. Urn - 1:13
D2 - Pink Toes - 3:27
D3 - Earth: The Oldest Computer (The Last Night) - 4:42
D4 - Life: The Biggest Troll [Andrew Auernheimer] - 5:42

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