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Burn On The Bayou: Heavy Underground Tribute To Creedence Clearwater Revival - Various Artists

Burn On The Bayou: Heavy Underground Tribute To Creedence Clearwater Revival - Various Artists

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A1 JPT Scare Band Run Through The Jungle
Bass, Other [MCIIB]  Paul Grigsby
Drums  Jeff Littrell
Guitar, Vocals  Terry Swope (2)
Producer [Produced By]  Dave Brock (2)
Recorded By, Mixed By  Justin Mantooth
A2 Bone Church Fortunate Sun
Bass  Pat Good
Drums  Rob Sickinger
Engineer [Engineered By]  Guido Falivene, Steve Wytas
Guitar  Nick Firine
Lead Guitar, Lyrics By [Additional Lyrics]  Dan Sefcik
Mixed By  Steve Wytas
Producer [Produced By]  Bone Church, Erich Michael Lichter
Vocals  Jack Rune
A3 Cities of Mars Suzie Q
Guitar [Guitars]  Christoffer Norén
Percussion [Percussions]  Johan Aronstedt
Vocals  Suzy Bravo
Vocals, Bass Guitar [Bass Guitars]  Daniel Palm*
A4 Roadsaw Sinister Purpose
Bass  Tim Catz
Recorded By  Benny Grotto*
Vocals, Drums  Craig Riggs
A5 Curse The Son Efficy
Bass  Maureen Murphy (2)
Drums  Robert Ives
Engineer  Steve Wytas
Lead Guitar  Brendan Keefe
Producer  Eric Lichter (2)
Vocals, Guitar  Ron Vanacore
B1 Cortez (13) Gloomy
Bass  Jay Furlo
Drums  Alexei Rodriguez*
Guitar  Alasdair Swan, Scott O'Dowd
Recorded By  Benny Grotto*
Vocals  Matt Harrington (2)
B2 Devil To Pay I Put A Spell On You
Bass  Mike Bridavsky
Drums  Chuck Brown (11)
Guitar  Rob Hough
Vocals, Guitar  Steve Janiak
B3 Stubb Green River
Bass  Paul Rosser
Drums  Tom Fyve
Guitar  Tom Hobson (2)
Guitar, Vocals  Jack Dickinson
Keyboards  Ewan Duffus
Mixed By  Mat Bethancourt
Recorded By  Peter Holland
B4 Great Electric Quest* Cotton Fields
Bass, Guitar  Jared Bliss
Drums  Mucho Drums*
Guitar  Buddy Donner*
Mixed By  Ian Watts (7)
Recorded By, Engineer [Engineered By]  Jared Bliss
Vocals  Tyler "Tsweat" Dingvell*
B5 Fuzz Evil Down On The Corner
Drums  Daniel Graves (2)
Musician  Joey Rudell*, Wayne Rudell
C1 High Priestess Bad Moon Rising
Bass, Vocals  Mariana Fiel
Drums, Percussion  Megan Mullins (2)
Guitar [Guitars], Vocals, Keyboards [Keys]  Katie Gilcrest
Recorded By, Mixed By, Producer [Produced By]  High Priestess
C2 Doublestone With Friends Up Around The Band Pagan
Band [Doublestone is], Bass, Backing Vocals  Kristian Blond Møller*
Band [Doublestone is], Guitar, Lead Vocals  Bo Blond Daugaard*
Band [Up Around The Band], Guitar  Kasper Pedersen (3), Kris Reichen Hjorth
Band [Up Around The Band], Lead Vocals  Tue Toft Sørensen
Drums  Michael Bruun (2)
Recorded By, Mixed By  Marcus Ferreira Larsen*
C3 Hot Spring Water Born On The Bayou
Bass  Mike DuPont
Drums  Mykey Haslip
Guitar  Bo McConaghie
Guitar, Vocals  Tony Reed
Recorded By, Mixed By  Reed*
C4 Hazytones* Nighttime Is The Right Time
Bass  Caleb Sanders
Drums  Wyatt Gilson
Engineer [Sound Engineer]  Mick Martel
Guitar, Lead Guitar  John Choffel
Harmonica  Mick Martel
Mixed By [Mixing]  Heimat Music
Organ  Heimat (5)
Vocals  Gabriel Prieur
Vocals, Guitar  Mick Martel
D1 Gypsy Chief Goliath Porterville
Backing Vocals  Jenn Marino
Bass  Jagger Benham
Drums  Adam Saitti
Guitar  Jeff Philips (7), John Serio
Harmonica  Scott Arseneault
Keyboards [Keyboard]  Mark Calcott
Recorded By, Mixed By  Adam Micalczuk
Vocals, Guitar  Al Yeti Bones*
D2 Kabbalah (2) Sailor's Lament
Bass, Vocals  Marga*
Drums, Vocals  Carmen*
Guitar, Vocals  Alba*
Recorded By  Guillermo F. Mutiloa
D3 Kind (2) Heard It Through The Grapevine
Bass  Tom Corino
Drums  Matthew Couto*
Guitar [Guitars]  Darryl Shepard (2)
Recorded By, Mixed By  Alec Rodriguez
Vocals  Craig Riggs
D4 Thunder Horse Graveyard Train
Drums  Johnny Lightening
Lead Guitar  Todd "The Bird" Connally*
Mixed By  Spencer Ramsey
Vocals, Guitar, Sampler [Samples]  Stephen Bishop (4)
E1 La Chinga Sweet Hitchhiker
Bass, Vocals [Vox]  Carl Spackler
Drums  Jay Solyom
Guitar  Yarddog Yardley*
Recorded By  Ben Yardley (4), Jason Solyom*
E2 Lightning Born Proud Mary
Bass, Producer [Production]  Mike Dean (3)
Drums, Percussion  Doza Hawes
Guitar [Guitars]  Adam Johnson (27)
Vocals  Brenna Leath
E3 Red Mesa Hey Tonight
Drums, Vocals  Roman Barham
Guitar [Guitars], Bass, Vocals, Harmonica  Brad Frye
Recorded By, Mixed By  Andrew Godfrey
E4 Salem's Bend Walk On The Water
Bass  Kevin Schofield
Drums  Zach Huling
Guitar, Vocals  Bobby Parker (6)
Mixed By  Bobby Parker (6)
E5 Jakethehawk Lodi
Banjo  Jake Linsley
Engineer [Engineered By]  Matt Very
Guitar [2nd Guitar Solo]  Mike Kerr
Harmony Vocals  Jack Ferranti*
E6 Horseburner Hideaway
Bass  Seth Bostick
Drums, Vocals  Adam Nohe
Guitar  Matt Strobel
Guitar, Vocals  Jack Thomas (7)
Recorded By, Mixed By  Jack Thomas (3)
F1 Stonebirds Who'll Stop The Rain
Bass, Vocals [Vocal]  Sylvain Collas
Drums  Antoine Delhumeau
Photography By [Photo By]  Gaël Mathieu
Recorded By, Mixed By  Yves Schommer
Vocals [Vocal], Guitar [Guitars]  Fañch Le Corre
F2 End Of An Age* Ramble Tamble
Drums  Mark Hanna (5)
Other [Barking]  Pier And Woody
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards  Ben McGuire (3)
F3 Void Vator Commotion
Bass  Sam Harman
Drums  Joey DiBiase
Guitar  Erik Kluiber
Guitar, Vocals  Lucas Kanopa
Recorded By  Michael Spreitzer, Nick Bellmore
F4 War Cloud Working Man
Bass  Sam Harman
Drums  Chris Smith (197)
Guitar  Nick Burks
Recorded By, Mixed By  Jeff Henson
Vocals, Guitar  Alex Wein (2)
F5 Master Nasty Run Through The Jungle
Bass Guitar  Brett Sanders (2)
Drums  David Lee (55)
Recorded By, Mixed By  Patrick Hills
Vocals, Guitar [Guitars], Percussion  Dylan Jarman
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