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Batmobile - Big Bat - Red

Batmobile - Big Bat - Red

Color : Red

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Batmobile, but not as you might know them. Their classic hits added with horns by The Bosco Horns. This surprising combo was tested and fully approved by a wild audience at the notorious Psychobilly meeting in Pineda Del Mar. The addition of the horns gives their sound a totally different - but still recognizable - vibe/ groove.
The 10-inch Big Bat is available as a limited edition of 300 individually numbered copies on Dracula coloured vinyl. The sleeve contains artwork by the legendary Pieter M. Dorrenboom. Official website: https://batmobileforever. Com/ LISTEN: https://youtu. #be/G91rS4EVHz4&feature=youtu. #be * THEIR CLASSIC HITS WITH HORNS ADDED BY THE BISCO HORNS * COVER ARTWORK BY PIETER M. DORRENBOOM * LIMITED EDITION OF 300 INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED COPIES ON DRACULA TRANSLUCENT VINYL Track listing: SIDE A 1. Transsylvanian Express 2. Beasts 3. Ain,t Got You SIDE B 1. Man With The Shovel 2. Walkaway Baby 3. Go On

  • 1 Side A
  • 2 1. Transsylvanian Express
  • 3 2. Beasts
  • 4 3. Ain,t Got You
  • 5 Side B
  • 6 1. Man with the Shovel
  • 7 2. Walkaway Baby
  • 8 3. Go on

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