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Anne Laplantine - Hamburg 7-Inch Box Set

Anne Laplantine - Hamburg 7-Inch Box Set

Color : Black

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Anne Laplantine (born 21 October 1972), also known as Michiko Kusaki or Angelika Koehlermann, is a French musician and video artist. She currently lives and works in Paris.


A1 Untitled

A2 Untitled

A3 Untitled

B1 Untitled

B2 Untitled

B3 Untitled

C1 Untitled

C2 Untitled

C3 Untitled

D1 Untitled

D2 Untitled

D3 Untitled

E1 Untitled

E2 Untitled

E3 Untitled

F1 Untitled

F2 Untitled

F3 Untitled

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