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Akina Nakamori - Mood Kayou: Utahime Shouwa Meikyokushuu

Akina Nakamori - Mood Kayou: Utahime Shouwa Meikyokushuu

Color : Black

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Release Date: 3/15/2024

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Akina Nakamori - Mood Kayou: Utahime Shouwa Meikyokushuu

In 2017, to commemorate Akina Nakamori's 35th anniversary since her debut, she released her first LP version of 'Mood Kayo -Diva Showa Masterpiece Collection-' [UHQCD], which was released by Universal Music.

'Everyone was humming...' Akina Nakamori covers a famous mood song representing the Showa era (announced on June 24, 2009) Tracklist: SIDE A 1. Kikara Kayo Opening (Instrumental) 2. Experience 3. Season of Love 4. Dreams Open at Night 5. Relationships of Others 6. Faces SIDE B 1. Midosuji in the Rain 2. Love You Tokyo 3. Kinu no Socks 4. Comoesta Akasaka 5. Ruthless License 6. Isezakicho Blues 7. Kikara Kayo Ending (Instrumental.


    1."Kiki Kayou Opening


    3."Koi no Kisetsu

    4."Yume wa Yoru Hiraku

    5."Tanin no Kankei


    7."Ame no Midousuji

    8."Love You Tokyo

    9."Ki no Kutsushita

    10."Como Esta Akasaka

    11."Hijou no License

    12."Isezakicho no Blues

    13."Kiki Kayou Ending

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