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Fletcher -The S(EX) Tapes - Emerald Vinyl

Fletcher -The S(EX) Tapes - Emerald Vinyl

Color : Emerald

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Fletcher -"THE S(EX) TAPES (Extended)" - Taking full advantage of being in isolation with her ex, Fletcher confronts her inner thoughts on her complicated relationship and of letting go. The body of work is an exploration of her sexuality and vulnerability and creatively directed by her ex-girlfriend. This is a raw, voyeuristic, musical and creative insight into pop,s rising confessional star. The extended version includes bonus track "Silence (Muna Remix feat. Blu DeTiger)." Translucent Emerald LP.


1 Silence
2 If I Hated You
3 Bitter
4 The One
5 SHH... Don,t Say It
6 Feel
7 Sex (With My Ex)
8 Silence

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