Proper Use And Care


The tactile nature of vinyl records is both what makes the format appealing, and also challenging. Well cared for records can last a lifetime, while poorly looked after records will quickly become worthless and unlistenable. For the best listening experience, consider following these key points to help look after your vinyl records and preserve them for many years to come.


Step one is the proper storage of your precious records when they’re not in use. Firstly, always store your records vertically and away from extreme temperature or humidity changes to prevent warping. Never lay your records flat as this is a sure way to warp them over time. Secondly, dust and dirt are the audiophiles’ worst enemy, and the best weapon here is prevention. Always store your records in their sleeve and place them inside the cover. The aim of the game is to keep the amount of time that a record is exposed to airborne dust and dirt particles to an absolute minimum.

Outer and Inner Sleeves

Most records ship with very basic paper inner sleeves and no additional outer sleeve protection. So to really make sure our records will last the test of time, we’ll want to consider making a couple of upgrades.