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Robe - Se Nos Lleva El Aire

Robe - Se Nos Lleva El Aire

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Se nos vende el aire is Robe's fourth solo studio album, published by El Dromedario Records and released on December 15, 2023.Roberto Iniesta Ojea (Spanish pronunciation: [roˈβeɾtojˈnjesta oˈxe.a]; born May 16, 1962), also known as Robe; is a Spanish songwriter, singer and guitarist. He was the frontman of the rock band Extremoduro and is currently active as a solo artist.


    2. Viajando por el interior

    4. A la orilla del río

    5. El poder del arte

    6. Haz que tiemble el suelo

    7. Puntos suspensivos

    8. Ininteligible

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