About Us

Hello! Thanks for visiting BeatRelease.

My name is Sean.  I have been researching trends in music and design for awhile now.  I've always had a huge personal connection with live music and sharing it's magic with friends and family throughout my life.

I never planned on building a vinyl collection until a friend of mine (Evan) got me a player, with a bunch of vinyls as a gift.  ...and the addiction began!

From there I started buying a copy or two of my favorite albums as they released, ideally colored or limited edition releases.  I have been working in concert/event tickets and sneakers alongside building my collection.

The similarity of StockX and Discogs triggered a special fascination with the vinyl industry.  Growing up listening to 90s/00s hip hop/r&b I began searching for my favorite albums original pressings, and limited edition, or colored vinyl releases.  The trends of styles selling out in sneakers and price trends correlated are very similar between the two industries (sneakers and vinyls). In our blog section you will find artist price analysis of their vinyl releases. This will help keep an eye on what artists vinyl catalogs are appreciating on a monthly basis. Sign up for our email to keep up!  A colleague of mine Julia, who has been working with me in tickets and sneakers since 2019 is helping develop/manage our operation using her sharp e-commerce skills from the last few years in similar industries.

Our mission to begin buying/selling/trading my collection to start a record store, adding artist merch, and event tickets along the way!  We are working on monthly membership models with discounted vinyl purchases and/or monthly releases included in membership.

Using the great powers of Shopify and technology, we will be sourcing inventory and selling through Discogs/Amazon & more.  Expanding into trending releases (new and old!) to source the best inventory at the best prices.  All of our purchases come from entities ensuring authenticity!